forex mathematical model

where all you need to learn is how and when to buy and how and when to sell. Things you don't need: You do not need to wait for a setup signal. Skype, MSN, or yahoo messenger (for teaching). Even with a complete setup there is no guarantee that you will make profit. There are a lot of profitable (and not so profitable) systems out there.

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Now if you are trading for leisure that is fine but if you are in it for the money, then we have a problem. And so a lot of traders trade without a complete set up (loss of money) and some wait for the setup to be complete (loss of money). I believe trading can be personal and I respect all my co-traders private wishes. You have to trade often. What I have to teach is a simple method based on simple mathematical common sense that you can use to get consistent profits daily. Patience and time, willingness to learn and adhere to instructions. I am here to give you a new method to use in your private trading time that requires no signals, just your time. It can become a useful tool in your trading (if not the most useful tool). I am not here to brag to be the best, or say it is the best thing since coca cola. I am just like you, except that I use maths to trade instead of signals. I can't stress the importance of having an extra trading style especially one that doesn't deal with setups and can be just as profitable.