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have regulatory authority and was not empowered to manage the UAE's monetary policy. In June 2013, there were 23 domestic banks and 28 foreign banks in the UAE. These include managing the Bank's library, archiving of records, purchasing, buildings maintenance, and security guards. (10) was passed, which established the new Central Bank of the UAE, replacing the former Currency Board. Each member is appointed by a Union Decree after approval by the UAE Council of Ministers, and serves for four years. The new, uAE dirham entered circulation on the same day the Currency Board was established.

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émirat forex bank

Monetary Reserve Management edit This department is responsible for managing and investing the Central Bank's assets and reserves. Younis Haji Al Khoori, director, khalid Ahmed Altayer, director, khalid Mohammed Salem Balama, director Hamad Mubarak Bu Amim Director Senior Management edit Name Position Mubarak Rashed Al Mansoori Governor Mohammed Ali Bin Zayed Al Falasi Deputy Governor Saif Hadef Al Shamsi Assistant Governor for Monetary. The department's functions include the issuing of licenses to banking institutions, setting banking standards and regulations, and monitoring compliance. Banking Operations Department edit This department is responsible for issuing and managing currency notes and coins in the UAE. These assets principally comprise deposits from the UAE Federal Government; deposits form commercial banks who are required to maintain a certain percentage of their assets as liquid deposits with the Central Bank; dirham-denominated certificates of deposit ; and currency in circulation. 19 currencies available, efficient service, no fees, competitive rates. Great Britain Pounds, hong Kong Dollar, indian Rupees. Leadership edit, board of Directors edit, the Bank is overseen by a Board of Directors, comprising seven members. Payment security - checks are performed on all transactions that involve the transfer of funds from accounts maintained by the Central Bank. Pilipino Peso, qatari Riyals, saudi Riyals, singaporean Dollar.

It also manages the UAE's electronic payment systems. Qatari riyal and the, bahraini Dinar. A significant part of the department is located in the Bank's Dubai office, since the banking industry in the UAE is largely concentrated in this city. Post audit - the department reviews financial expenditures undertaken across the Head Office and branches and reports any instances of non-compliance.

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