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there were both legitimate and fraudulent companies and that the legitimate players welcomed regulation in order to weed out the bad actors. Some customers put their last money on this in the hope of getting out of poverty. Why have Israels regulators not closed it down? The fast-growing industry sells itself as a legitimate investment method (see below). El-Ahmadey's name was not listed. For example, you might bet 1,000 that Facebook's shares will increase in value by more than Google's in the next minute. Banc de Binary told Reuters it is "committed to investing in its customer care and compliance functions and that has been a major feature of our development in the last two years." It said it is "helping to lead the way in the introduction. The website shows four photos of its "executive team." Each of the pictures appears elsewhere on the Internet as a stock photograph. "I was so naive.".

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Einat Wilf, a former Knesset member for Labor and Ehud Baraks short-lived Independence Party, put forward a bill in 2011 that would have declared the entire forex industry, even then estimated to bring in revenues of hundreds of millions of US dollars per year,. All the others were silent, he said. Its something where if youre the CFO of a company and you know that this year you have income of 10 million and expenses of NIS 30 million, then you buy futures on 10 million. Algo Capitals did not respond to requests for comment. After several months, the agency determined that the broker was using aggressive sales techniques, promising what NRG called "guaranteed money" and using stock photos of random people on its website, claiming they were NRGbinary analysts. In 2014, when he was alerting the public to the extent of fraud in the forex and binary options industry, he sent letters to 30 Knesset members from every party. More and stricter regulation is what will ensure sustainability forex options binaires courtiers in the long term he said.

Companies House lists him as an Israeli born in March 1979, and a former director of Alfa Capital and NRG Capital Ltd - companies which were incorporated in 2013 and since dissolved. But on April 24, 2012, Wilf received a letter from the banking supervisor at the Bank of Israel, Dudu Zaken. So some companies started selling futures on oil and gold with the same 100x leverage which just shows you how little it has to do with hedging or risk management. Initially her account suggested she was up by 5,000. If the price goes up, you earn this; if it goes down, you lose this. But all of them, sources said, were stymied by lobbyists who managed to persuade MKs and regulators that the industry is legitimate. They think it all makes sense, but they discover after a few months that their money has disappeared. For FT Global Limited.